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Proudly Presents:-
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Prince of Persia - Trilogy 3D

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Console System.: PS3                    -  Region........: Europe
Game Type......: Adventure              -  Languages.....: Multi
Backup Format..: DIR                    -  Sizes.........: 60 x 150 MB
Release Date...: 2010-11-17             -  Orginal.......: Bluray
Tested with....: PS3 FW 3.41 JB         -  Serial........: BLES-01092

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Relive the critically-acclaimed and fan-favourite Prince of Persia: Sands
of Time trilogy, remixed in high definition graphics and 3D stereoscopy.

Follow the journey of a young Prince struggling to undo the mistakes of
his past, and undo the curse of the Sands of Time. In an adventure
spanning continents, guide the Prince from the palaces of Azad, through
the Island of Time and into the fabled kingdom of Babylon and wield
mystical artifacts to control the Princes ultimate weapon: time itself.

Experience the Princes adventures in full 3D stereoscopy
(3D television required)

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Eurasia - Paradox - Caravan - Echelon - Orgasm - Gant - ProjectX - Dmu
Riot  -  Rsiso  -  Starcube  -   Chronic  -  Genius  -  Isosphere

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Why am i getting the black screen?
I just started downloading this so I can't truly confirm my next statement, but I have read it several places. Apparently this game is in the same boat as COD: MW2. It can't boot from the hard drive. Apparently it has some different syscalls that are not easily patched with the current payloads. This fix would need to come from a custom firmware or a really patched boot manager. Check this link
My previous comment is correct. This game will need a modified param.sfo AND a modified eboot.bin to work. We are probably going to have to wait for custom firmware or something. Just keep seeding and maybe a really good coder will help us out. Follow the link I posted above to see updates.
i tried patching param sfo but nothing happen i think might be problem with eboot.bin
in this discription they said tested with 3.41 how they can do with that???
Lego Indiana Jones 2 on PS2
Please; Please: Please; Please.........
I downloaded the torrent, and had quite a few errors when extracting things. I downloaded the file Rocklord_1 posted, but don't see any method of properly downloading the game. Is anyone able to help me out? I'll seed afterwords.
Can the Bink video files be separated from the ISO or are the games archived within it in some format?
dmca link